Frequently Asked Questions


How do you paint front doors and garage doors?  

Entry doors will be sprayed in a closed position. We will take care to mask-off door hardware and any glass inserts if present.  If the resident is not home during the working day, then we will coordinate with the resident to return on a Saturday to paint the entry door edges.  When the door edges are painted they will have to remain open for several hours to allow for drying.


What kind of notification will I receive prior to the commencement of work?

You will receive a notice 48 hour prior to the start date on your building.  


How will you access my balcony / patio / yard to complete the work?

All work will take place outside, accessed from the outside only.  You will need to keep your side gates unlocked when work is taking place on your home.  If you do not have a gate, then we will access your yard by ladder. We will only need you to open your entry doors when painting the door edges. 


How do I prepare my balcony / patio / yard for the project?

Owners are responsible for clearing BBQs, furniture, decorations and plants away from areas we will be working on such as walls and fencing.  We need a 12-inch clear space to successfully complete your unit.  


Where should I park my cars during work on my building?

During wood replacement or painting, access to your garaged vehicles may be blocked.  For your convenience and the safety of our workers we highly recommend that you move vehicles from your garage and/or driveway into the general parking areas during the days when we are working on your building.


How long do you expect the work to take place on my unit?

Expect the wood and painting crews to be working on your building for 2-3 business days for both wood repairs and painting.  


What should I do with my pets while the work takes place?

Please keep all pets inside during working hours while we are working on your building for their safety and ours.


Will there be a designated staging area?  

Yes. There is a designating an area for a portable restroom and storage container


Will the workers clean up after each working day?  

Yes, the jobsite will be left broom clean at the end of each day.


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